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Luo Gu with nanoparticlesmagnetic microparticlesPorous Si nanoparticles
We synthesize nanomaterials and study their fundamental chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, optical, and
biomaterials properties. Our emphasis is on porous silicon and iron oxide nanostructures. Research topics include drug delivery
materials, in-vivo imaging with luminescent or magnetic nanoparticles, batteries, and chemical or biochemical sensors.

Prof. Sailor's book "Porous Silicon in Practice" is now available from Wiley-VCH or from

Porous Si in Practice Book

Web resources for "Porous Silicon in Practice"


CHEMISTRY 120B (Inorganic Chemistry II), Spring, 2015

CHEMISTRY 123 (Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory) Spring, 2014

Summer School in Silicon Nanotechnology July-August, 2015

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Materials Science
NIH Cancer Center for Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE)
Technology Transfer Office
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