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Gaurav Abbi 99 BS ---- [email]
Kyo Han Ahn 02-03 Sabbatical Korea Postech, Korea/Professor [Email]
Sara Alvarez 09 PhD San Diego, CA Biosite, inc./Staff Scientist [email]
Jennifer Andrew 08-10 PD Gainesville, FL University of Gainesville, Florida/Professor [email]
Emily Anglin 07 PhD Australia Post Doc [email]
Michael Ansell 98-00 PD Livermore, CA Las Positas College/Professor [Email]
Tiffany Au 96-97 BS Los Angeles, CA Beckman Coulter/Technical Staff [Email]
Kathy (Nelson) Ayers 93 BS Wallingford, CT Distributed Energy Systems/Research Scientist [Email]
Adam Berthoud 94 BS Southampton University/PhD [email]
Theodore W. Von Bitner 94-96 BS Los Angeles, CA Watershed and Coastal Resources Division/Scientist [Email]
Teresa (Perone) Von Bitner 94-96 BS Los Angeles, CA ---- [Email]
Daniel J. Blackwood 06 VS Singapore National University of Singapore/Professor [email]
Sara Bodde 00 BS UCSD Materials Science/Ph.D. student [Email]
James Bolender 02 VS San Diego, CA University of San Diego/Professor [Email]
Abdulhak Bouhaja 02 BS ---- [email]
Christina Brady 06-07 BS Albuquerque, NM University of New Mexico/Medical School [email]
Jillian Buriak 96-97 PD Alberta, CN University of Alberta/Professor [email]
Rebecca M. Calhoun 96-99 MS Intel/Technical Staff [email]
Rebecca Campbell 04-05 MS Cardinal Health/Senior Associate Scientist [email]
Christie A. Canaria 94-00 HS,BS California Institute of Technology/Ph.D. [Email]
Keith Cendak 97-99 MS deceased
Selena Chan 95-96 BS San Francisco, CA Intel/Scientific Staff [email]
Debbie Chen BS Tufts University/Bioengineering Ph.D. student [Email]
Sarah Cheng 06 HS Westview High School [email]
Ronnie Cheung 03 MS San Francisco, CA Gilead Sciences, Inc./Technical Staff [Email]
Luis Ching 05-07 BS ---- [email]
Beatrice Chinh BS Allied Signal [Email]
Yonah Cho BS Applied Materials, San Jose, CA [Email]
Jaehyuck Choi MS UCSD Materials Science/Ph.D. student [Email]
Michelle Chow 06-07 HS [email]
Boyce E. Collins 99-01 PD San Diego, CA Maxwell Technologies, San Diego, CA [Email]
Stephane Content 97-00 PD Proctor and Gamble, Belgium/Technical Staff [Email]
Shanying Cui 04 HS College [email]
Frederique Cunin 00-03 PD University of Montpellier/CNRS Researcher [Email]
Corrine Curtis 96 PhD Philadelphia, PA Merck/Technical Staff [Email]
Grace Credo 94 HS San Francisco, CA Intel Corp./Research Scientist [email]
Keiki-Pua Dancil 99 PhD Honolulu, HI Chitopure/VP of Research [Email]
Daniel Derr 99-01 PD Irvine, CA Lead Scientist, GE [Email]
Joel Charles Dicecco BS Mesa College/Instructor [Email]
Vincent V. Doan 95 PhD San Francisco, CA Thales Avionics IFE/Principal Test Engineer [Email]
Jason R. Dorvee 05 MS Ithaca, NY Cornell University/Ph.D. program [email]
Steve Dowlatabadi BS --- [Email]
Josh Fantini BS Lasalle Univ./Undergrad [Email]
Moria Feighery-Ross BS Seattle, WA Seattle (last sighted)/biodiesel conversions [Email]
Diana Fisher BS Panasonic Hollywood Labs/Software Engineer [Email]
Ricky Fok 05 R -- [email]
Jenny Foley HS Wharton Business School - Healthcare management program [email]
Jun Gao 99-02 PD Toronto, CN Professor, Queen's University at Kingston [Email]
Ting Gao 03 PhD San Francisco, CA Tyco Electronics, San Francisco/Senior Scientist [email]
James Gerken 96 BS Caltech/post doc [email]
Jean-Paul Gleeson BS ----- [Email]
Andrei Gramada 05-06 BS Berkeley, CA UC Berkeley/Student [email]
Will Green 98 PhD Alberta, CN Will's Wood Turning, Canada [Email]
Brent Gregerson BS ----- [Email]
Douglas Greiner 96-98 PD LumiCyte, Inc./Senior Scientist [Email]
Jon Grey BS ----- [Email]
Christian Gurtner 98 PhD Zurich Mettler Toledo [Email]
James Ha BS San Diego, CA SAIC/Technical Staff [Email]
Anselm Hall BS ----- [Email]
Theresa Harper 98 PhD Solus Biosystems [Email]
Jessica Harper 96 PhD Antelope Valley College/Professor [Email]
Julie Heinrich 96 PhD Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett, and Dunner Law Group [Email]
Robert Herrick BS Software Consultant [Email]
Yi-Ching "Mary" Hwang HS Cornell/Undergraduate student [email]
Wei Jin 09-11 PD San Francisco, CA INTEL/Technical Staff [email]
Ina Jung BS ----- [email]
Linda S. Jung 93 BS GE Healthcare, Inc./Field Application Scientist [email]
Rishav Kansal 06 BS (Med school) [email]
Audrey Kaplan 95 BS Menlo Park, CA Google, inc./User Experience Researcher [email]
Brian K. Kelley BS Chemistry Ph.D. program [Email]
Suraj Kedarisetty 07-08 BS UCSD
Do Kim 05 BS USC Bioengineering/M.S. program [email]
Brian H. King 05-10 PhD Washington, DC -----  
Joseph Kirtland BS Cornell Physics Ph.D. program [Email]
Jonathan D. Klein BS Los Angeles, CA Business Planner, Universal Home Video [Email]
Vijay Kollengode 06 BS UCSF Medical School [email]
Ann M. Kressin MS College of the Canyons/Professor [Email]
Ashwin Krishnan BS ----- [Email]
Myoung Seok Kwon 06-07 VS Seoul, Korea University of Seoul [email]
Joseph Lai 07-08 MS San Diego UCSD/Mat Sci PhD [Email]
Vincent Lau 10-11 BS San Diego    
Jeffrey M. Lauerhaas 95 PhD Minneapolis, MN FSI International [email]
Khoa Le BS ----- [Email]
Eric J. Lee PD San Francisco, CA Solopower/Sr. Director, Module Development [Email]
Ki-Won Lee 10-11 VS South Korea Kongju National University, South Korea [email]
Ming-Na (Tina) Lee 06 BS San Francisco, CA UCSF Pharmacy School [email]
Sunny Lee BS ----- [Email]
Sonia Letant PD Livermore, CA Lawrence Livermore National Labs/Staff Scientist [Email]
Vivian Li 10 BS La Jolla, CA [email]
Yang Yang Li 04 PhD Hong Kong, CN City University of Hong Kong, Dept of Physics and Materials Science/Assistant Professor [email]
Fengxia Liang 10-11 VS Hong Kong, CN City University of Hong Kong, Dept of Physics and Materials Science/Graduate student [email]
Haohao Lin 04 PhD Austin, TX 3M corporation/Staff Scientist [Email]
Jamie R. Link 05 PhD Washington, DC STPI [email]
Herman Lopez BS San Francisco, CA Intel Corp. [email]
Ken MacGillivray 05 MS ----- [email]
Willa Maksaereekul 03-05 BS Denver, CO Navarro Research and Engineering/Project Engineer [email]
Maria Mariano MS Bio-Rad, Inc. [email]
Shawn Meade 08 PhD San Diego TBD [email]
Brittany Merrill 08 BS San Diego UCSD [email]
Frederic Mikulec PD Minneapolis, MN iNNOVALight [Email]
Gordon M. Miskelly 00-01, 04-05 VS Auckland, NZ University of Auckland, New Zealand [Email]
Matthew Moore 06 BS Pasadena, CA Caltech/Chemistry Ph.D. [email]
Bobby Mucic 95 BS Los Angeles, CA Thomson Reuters-FindLaw [email]
Valerie P. Ng 04 BS New York SUNY/Medical School [email]
Manuel Orosco 04-09 PhD Los Angeles, CA UCLA/Post-doc [email]
Claudia Pacholski 04-06 PD Stuttgart, Germany Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung [email]
Prof. Ki-Jung Paeng 04-05 VS Yonsei, S. Korea Yonsei University [Email]
Jennifer Shim Park 10 PhD Brea, CA Beckman-Coulter/Senior Development Scientist [email]
Ji-Ho Park 05-09 PhD S. Korea KAIST/Professor [email]
Seon Hwa Park 10-11 VS S. Korea Kongju National University, in South Korea [email]
Loren Perelman 07 PhD Carlsbad, CA Nitto Denko/Senior Development Scientist [email]
Jon Quach 06 BS - [email]
Sarah Reiver 01-03 BS La Jolla, CA DSM Biomedical [email]
Jason Ritchie BS University of Mississippi/Professor [Email]
Massimiliano Rocchia 03 VS Torino, Italy THERMO/NICOLET, Torino, Italy [Email]
Anne M. Ruminski 09 PhD San Fancisco, CA Lawrence Berkeley National Labs/Post-Doc [email]
Thomas Schmedake 01-03 PD Charlotte, NC University of North Carolina, Charlotte/Professor [Email]
Michael P. Schwartz 03-06 PD Boulder, CO University of Colorado, Boulder/Post-Doc [email]
Beniamino Sciacca 08 VS Torino, Italy Polytechnic University of Turin department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering/PhD student [email]
Emilie Secret 07 VS Paris, France Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan, MS student [email]
Ester Segal 05-07 PD Israel Technion, Assistant Professor [email]
Michael J. Shane 95-96 PD San Diego, CA Kyocera, Inc. [email]
Leo Slavin BS ----- [Email]
Jennifer Singelyn 07-08 San Diego, CA UCSD Bioengineering [email]
Ryan Smith BS San Diego, CA Illumina, inc./Staff Scientist [Email]
Honglae Sohn PD Korea Chosun University, S. Korea/Professor [Email]
Jae Hee Song PhD Korea Sunchon National University, S. Korea/Professor [Email]
Srinivas (Jimble) Subramanium 06-07 PD ? (San Diego) [email]
Stephanie Tangsombatvisit 07 BS San Diego, CA UCSD [email]
Andrea Tao 96-98 HS Santa Barbara, CA UC Santa Barbara/Post Doc [email]
J. Christopher Thomas 04-05 PD Minneapolis, MN 3M Corporation/Senior Research Chemist [email]
Keilani Todd HS UCSD Preuss School/HS [Email]
Cindy Tran 10 HS Scripps Ranch High School [Email]
Nathan Trujillo 05 BS Boston, MA MIT Chemical Engineering/Ph.D. [email]
Bernette Tsai HS UC Davis/Med School [Email]
Stephanie Tsai HS UC Berkeley/Undergraduate [Email]
Matrix Tsang 10-11 VS Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong/Ph.D.  
Michele Vestal MS ----- [Email]
Sandra Villa BS UC Berkeley/Ph.D. [Email]
Stephanie Vinson 05-07 HS San Francisco, CA UC Berkeley/B.S. [email]
Mark Voorhies 99-00 BS San Francisco, CA UC San Francisco/Post Doc [email]
Suying Wei 06-07 PD Los Angeles, CA -- [Email]
Patricia Wang HS UC Berkeley/B.S. [Email]
Jesse Weiss BS ----- [Email]
Jianmin Wu 07-08 VS Hangzhou, China Zhejiang University/Assoc. Prof. [email]
Elizabeth Wu 06-10 PhD Singapore Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology [email]
Tina Wu BS ----- [Email]
Aetna Wun BS San Francisco, CA McKinsey San Francisco/Consultant [Email]
Dominic J. Yee BS Columbia, NY Columbia/Ph.D. [Email]
Myeong Sik Yoon 02-03 VS Korea Postech, Korea/Ph.D. [Email]
Christine Yu 05 BS San Francisco, CA UCSF/Pharmacy school [email]
Edward Zhu 06-07 HS [email]
Peter Zmolek PD Germany/Postdoc [Email]

VS = Visiting scholar/sabbatical, PD = Post-Doctoral scholar, BS = Undergraduate researcher, MS = Master's degree, PhD = Ph. D. degree

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