Silicon Nanomaterials Research Laboratory

Research group of Prof. Michael J. Sailor at UC San Diego

We synthesize silicon-based nanomaterials and study their fundamental chemical, electrochemical, photophysical, and nanomedical properties. We focus on mesoporous nanostructures, in particular porous silicon. Current research projects emphasize porous nanoparticles for controlled delivery of protein, nucleic acid, and small molecule drugs, luminescent silicon quantum dots, in-vitro and in-vivo imaging, and chemical/biochemical sensors. We collaborate closely with the medical community on nanotechnology-enabled approaches to treat cancer, bacterial and viral infections, and diseases of the eye.

Our group is part of the NSF UC San Diego Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, which Prof. Sailor directs, and the cross-divisional Institute for Materials Discovery and Design, which Prof. Sailor co-directs. We leverage the research tools of the San Diego Nanotechnology Infrastructure (a member of the NSF National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure) to discover, design, and characterize advanced materials needed to address global societal challenges.

Graduate student applicants interested in joining our research team can apply through the following UC San Diego MS or PhD programs: